Thanks a Latte! This 25p Latte Levy is Mocha(ing) me Crazy!

Collapsable cups             Collapsible Cup This promotional 350ml collapsible cup is made from 100% BPA free silicon and plastic. When the proposed 25p latte levy comes into place this will be the product to have with you! Measuring just 5cm tall when collapsed this can easily be kept in your bag until you need it, and then just take this cup with you to your local coffee shop and have it filled with your favourite hot drink! Prices from 1000 units £5.49 each two tone pen            

Two-tone Engraved Pen

This promotional pen has a modern look to it and is available with a blue or red undercoat of foil meaning you can engrave these pens in silver and blue, or silver and red for a classy finish that stands out from the crowd! Prices from 1000 units @ £1.63 each