UV Sterilizer Charging Lamp

Product Code : 154015


Ultraviolet light sterilizer lamp type C with integrated wireless smartphone charger. Specially designed to eliminate microorganisms and bacteria in everyday objects such as the smartphone, keys, glasses, face mask, headphones, smartwatch… Made of resistant ABS material with a glossy finish and presented in an attractive individual design box.

Easy to use, just place the object to be sterilized on the base of the lamp. Output power 2.5W, wavelength 254 nm and voltage 3V. 1000 mA USB output, with 10W fast charge function and 1 meter long micro USB cable included. 15 and 25 minutes sterilization time with auto-off function.

User manual available in Spanish and English.
CE, RoHS and germicidal effectiveness certification available.
For proper use of the product, avoid contact with skin and eyes.

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