We are Your Biggest Fans!

BX Merchandise

BX Merchandise


We Are Your Biggest Fans!
New electric and hand fans and ice water bottles to keep you cold during the summer from BX Merchandise.
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BX Merchandise has the latest desktop fans. You heard it here first…


500 Desktop fan @ £2.05 each

1000 Desktop fan @ £1.99 each

This stylish and eye-catching 3in1 flexible desktop USB, fan and light measure that will ensure that you keep yourself cool during the hot summer and a great way to promote your brand. This is a really great and cost effective promotional gift for your summer events. These fans are on special offer only available while stock lasts





These delightful and colourful hand fans are great promotional gifts for your clients during this heatwave. These hand fans ensure you that your corporate identity is never far from your clients. These hand fans are available with white and black sticks and can be printed in various colours.

500 hand fans @ £1.49 each
1000 hand fans @ £1.35 each







This 600 ml Ice water bottle is a useful promotional item for the summer. There is an internal ice tube inside this water bottle to keep your drink cold all the time. Your clients will be impressed to sip their cold refreshment from this ice water bottle promoted with your logo.

250 ice water bottle @ £2.39 each
500 Ice water bottle @ £2.29 each
1000 Ice water bottle @ £2.09 each

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Or if you prefer follow this link to view our catalogue online: click here

If you cant find what you are looking for give us a call on +44 (0) 207 737 0315 and one of our friendly sales team will be happy to help you.

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