Eco Promotional Merchandise Increased Spend in 2012

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Promotional pen with touch screen stylus from BX Merchandise

Promotional pen with touch screen stylus from BX Merchandise

“Almost half of marketers have increased their spend on promotional merchandise since the last financial year.”

In a time of recession you might find this a surprising fact.  What’s more is that 83% of senior marketers polled by an independent research company, plan to increase or maintain their promotional merchandise spend next year.  The main reason merchandise is effective as opposed to other forms of marketing is that it allows you to target your own customers directly conveying a marketing message that lasts longer than other forms of advertising. Whether it be giving an engraved promotional pen, embossed promotional notebook or screen printed promotional cotton bag, these giveaways enable companies to directly connect with their customers leaving a lasting impression.

Enviromentally Friendly Promotional Pen Made From Bio-degradable Corn From BX Merchandise.

Enviromentally Friendly Promotional Pen Made From Bio-degradable Corn From BX Merchandise.

So if you are considering any of these items you may want to think first about giving an eco friendly option, here at BX merchandise we recognise that this is an important issue both for us and our clients so we provide a wide range of eco friendly promotional merchandise, such as Solar Powered Products,  Recycled Promotional Pens & Pencils, Recycled Promotional Notebooks, Reusable Promotional Cotton bags.

Promotional Cotton Shopper from BX Merchandise

Promotional Cotton bags from BX Merchandise

  • Don’t take the short term view when purchasing promotional merchandise by always opting for the cheapest option, this can sometimes reflect badly on your brand. By chosing an eco option this can be avoided. 
  • Be inventive and creative with your merchandise, the better the product, the more memorable you will be to your clients.


Promotional Notebook from BX Merchandise

Promotional Notebook from BX Merchandise

With such a large percentage of your brand awareness centered around promotional merchandise will you now be taking the eco option?

Which one will you choose… The promotional notebook for your clients to keep notes, the promotional pen so your client is never caught out when they need to jot important information down, or the Promotional cotton shopper so your valued customer can carry their lunch or important literature around?

We welcome your feed back and would like to know your thoughts!

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